A State of Wellbeing.

VCOSS is proud to present A State Of Wellbeing, our formal submission to the Victorian Government ahead of next year’s state budget.

Business as usual must end. The Victorian Goverment should become Australia’s first wellbeing economy and deliver the nation’s first wellbeing budget.

Here’s our thinking:

    1. Economic prosperity alone is an increasingly terrible measure of how our community is really travelling. What’s the use in a AAA credit rating if people are homeless?
    2. Victoria needs a new way to conceptualise, pursue and measure progress.
    3. This will require a dramatic rethink of how the Victorian Government develops budgets, funds services, etc.
    4. We need to adopt a wellbeing budgeting approach.

With a fresh approach we really can overcome the state’s biggest challanges.


The truth is that economic prosperity alone is no longer a good measure of community wellbeing—if it ever was.

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The best outcomes will come when policies and programs are shaped and led by Aboriginal people.

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Victoria needs a strong community sector--with funding tied to true costs.

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