What is VCOSS?

VCOSS is the peak representative body for Victoria’s social and community sector, and the state’s leading social advocacy organisation.

We work towards creating a Victoria that is a fair, just and inclusive.

Where nobody is trapped by poverty, and everybody is supported to live a life of wellbeing.

Why wellbeing?


How do we work?

Here are just some of the ways.


Consulting with members, collecting evidence and analysing trends to develop smart policy proposals for change.

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Using our relationships, influence, community connections and public profile to campaign for fair and just Victoria.

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Working alongside members and other groups to ensure the community sector is strong, well-funded and resilient.

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News and Analysis

The Victorian Government has unveiled a budget that invests significantly in mental health.

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A quick note to Australia's new Disability Services Minister marking her first day in the job

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There are more than 130 changes to Victoria’s renting rules. Here are the key ones.

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Latest policy

VCOSS produces formal submissions to dozens of inquiries and policy development processes each year.

These are prepared in consultation with VCOSS members and the broader sector.

Stand alone policy reports on topics of significance are also produced.

You can view all our work in the VCOSS Policy Library.