Olivia lives with the rare Kleefstra Syndrome.

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VCOSS experts regularly scrutinise new research, social trends and policy approaches, and discuss ways to create a fairer and more just society.

Sep 26

Despite living in a wealthy country with a 21st century health system , in Victoria today the Aboriginal child mortality

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Sep 24

In the lead up to the Victorian State Election we will explore the platforms and policies that will shape our

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Sep 23

Too often children and young people’s voices are absent from debates about the impact of poverty.  In the UK, the

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Aug 6

Inequality in Australia is getting worse, and our tax system and capital income levels are significant causes of it, leading

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Aug 3

Graeme Innes will deliver the keynote address at the Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference on Monday 4 August. Graeme is the

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Jul 2

The interim report of the Review of Australia’s Welfare System was released for public comment and the consultation and submission

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Jun 23

Being tough on crime doesn’t equal being smart on crime. Putting people in prison doesn’t solve crime, and it doesn’t

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Jun 16

Half of all women seeking homelessness services are fleeing family violence. With the Victorian Government announcing another $30 million to

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Jun 13

One of the key themes explored at the 2014 VCOSS Summit was the prevalence of violence against women and children

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Jun 5

The following speech was delivered by Emma King, VCOSS CEO, at the 2014 VCOSS Summit. The full VCOSS 2014 State

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May 26

When a disaster strikes, children and young people need special attention. Some are more vulnerable than others, and require more

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Apr 16

In this guest blog post Susie Richards writes on behalf of the Statewide Children’s Resource Program about the impact of

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