How To Get The Best From Your Supervision

This workshop is about being a Supervisee. There is a lot of training for Supervisors, which is important, but less attention is given to training for Supervisees. This workshop gives supervisees some specific tools that get them to be active participants in the supervision relationship, and influencing the quality of their supervision, ie making the quality of the supervision less dependent on the quality of the supervisor. It will provide an overview of the components of good supervision. It will give some practical tools to prepare for supervision, and to provide some structure to their supervision. It will spend considerable time on how to negotiate an agreement that is specific to their relationship and how it will work.

Learning Objectives:

  • To gain an understanding of the elements of good supervision
  • To gain some tools to facilitate getting the best from supervision as a supervisee
  • Learn how to negotiate an individual agreement with your supervisor


AASW Melbourne Office

Time & Date

October 16

Additional Info

The cost of this event is: $170

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