Social Services Pricing Framework

How should social services be priced in the future by government?

Recent Victorian services reviews and reform initiatives, including the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Roadmap to Reform: Strong Families, Safe Children, the Youth Justice Review and Strategy: meeting needs and reducing offending and the 10-year Community Services Industry Plan, have called for more integrated and person-centred and family-centred services and improvements to the way governments purchase services. The development of a whole-of-government community services pricing framework was a priority of the Community Services Industry Plan. The Victorian government allocated money in the 2018-19 budget to further service integration as well as develop a Social Service Pricing Framework.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) is leading a whole of government approach to developing the Social Service Pricing Framework. The framework is to provide a consistent approach to pricing that can guide government decision making in setting a price for services.

VCOSS held consultations with community organisations in Ballarat (25 July), Traralgon (31 July) and Shepparton (6 August).


Useful information

A discussion paper and fact sheet has been released by DPC outlining the principles of a pricing framework and how a framework might be constructed.

In addition to the regional consultations, DPC is consulting with Human Services and Health Implementation Partnership Committee members.

Community service organisations are also encouraged to respond to the discussion paper the Engage Victoria website.

VCOSS will provide a report analysing the findings of the regional consultations to DPC.



For further information about the project please contact Policy Advisor Dev Mukherjee on 03 9235 1011 or send an email.